It is made for the people by the people to pray in the church of God.

We pray together

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This is the place where you feel God.

Mesmerizing for your souls.

I come to you this day in the 175th year...
Our prayer for April 8th was submitted by Dwayne Brown...
Our Heavenly Father we approach Your Throne of Grace to...
A single building with a single God but many faces and many souls.

The most suitable church for all

Our prayer for April 25th was submitted by Reverend Emma smith. (more…)
Our prayer for April 26th was submitted by Reverend Joseph Brown Our prayer for April 26th was submitted by Reverend Joseph Brown Oh Lord, how precious is Your name in all the world. I humbly come before You to hold You up in unending love. You are more than worthy...
Our prayer for April 27th was submitted by Reverend Liam Williams. Our Heavenly Father we approach Your Throne of Grace to offer up sacrifices of praise just because you are God. We are so grateful that your grace and favor abides with us through the Holy Spirit. We petition you,...

Connecting to god

We always encounter different situations in our lives that make us feel alone and done with this world. In those times, all we want is a quality conversation that lightens our burden and lessens our grief. For this reason, different religions have their own Holy places which have that environment that lets a man say it all, all that has burdened his heart.
Changing the world, a prayer at a time.

Serving Christ with our souls.

BBCC Testimonies We all have our reasons for supporting the BBCC. We are asking members to share their stories so...
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Day: Sunday Time: 8:45 am - 9:45 am Leader: Selected Christian Educators Location: Bulletin board outside church office has locations...
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Dr. Roosevelt Johnson (202) 829-2773 Mrs. Barbara Johnson (202) 829-2773 The Counseling Ministry (The Healing Partnership) hours are...
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Dr. Mamie Montague (202) 829-2773 Sister Evelyn Sellers (202) 829-2773 The health ministry at Nineteenth Street enthusiastically embraces...
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God’s grace illuminates this place.

We save lives, we save souls, we save you!

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